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Chapter News - June 09, 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

Date: Tuesday, June 09, 2015

NEXT CHAPTER MEETING:  7:00 P.M. Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @ Cabela’s-- Louisville

TAYLORSVILLE LAKE WMA DOG TRAINING AREA will be ready for use on August 15 as allowed by KDFWR regulations.  Signs have been ordered and breaking ground (mowing, disking, planting) will occur within the next two weeks.  Full details regarding the location and KDFWR regulations for using this area will be presented at the July meeting.

Information will be disseminated via e-mail for those who cannot attend the meeting.  “Thank you” to Mac McCay for undertaking this project initially.  Dennis Ballard will lead the project to completion.

KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE  has posted an online questionnaire to gather public input on it ongoing quail restoration work.  The agency is at the mid-point of a 10-year restoration plan.  The questionnaire will be available at throug June 30.  EVERYONE interested in this project and its successes and shortcomings should sign on and complete the survey.

A CHEMICAL SPRAYER for use on private land is being purchased by your Chapter.  Upon receipt of the sprayer we will issue a letter identifying the process for private landowners to borrow this equipment for use on privately-owned property.  “Thank you” to Chapter member Terry Lacer for offering to keep the equipment in Simpsonville and to administer the plan for you to use it on your areas set aside for wildlife habitat.

THE LEAGUE OF KY SPORTSMEN is holding its statewide convention in Louisville June 10-13.  Please sign on to the League’s website for information about the League and attendance at the convention.

LONG RUN SPORTSMEN’s CLUB is hosting a “Fishing For Friends” event.  All proceeds go to the Home of the Innocents.  This is a great opportunity for you to get your youngsters outdoors and make a minor contribution to a very worthy cause.  All info regarding this event is at the end of this newsletter.  Bait, lunch, and lots of door prizes are provided.

BIG RIVER W.M.A. will be creating small game habitat using a seed drill purchased by your Chapter in conjunction with the Quail License Tag State Council.  Chapter funds were raised at our banquet last March.   The Council gets their funds from the purchases of the “Bobwhite Quail License Plates” that are available at every County Clerk Office in the Commonwealth.  Consider upgrading to this handsome tag the next time you re-new your vehicle registration.  The Council gets a share of every purchase.

A CONE FEEDER has been purchased by your Chapter for use at Miller-Welch W.M.A.  Equipment will be used for supplemental feeding of Bobwhite quail on their field trial courses.  No birds are harvested during these competitions.   Supplemental feeding will enhance winter survival on these grounds.

Your Chapter Officers are now soliciting ideas for projects to be funded by the Commonwealth Chapter.  Once again we had a very successful banquet in March 2015.  We have currently committed $26,000 to cover a variety of projects and other expenses prior to March 1, 2016.  With approximately $47,000 currently uncommitted we are actively seeking projects to fulfill our mission.

Bring your ideas to the next Chapter meeting—Tuesday, June 16, 7:00 P.M.—Cabela’s.

DUE TO LIMITATIONS regarding file size that can be sent via AOL, you will receive two addendums to this newsletter.  They will contain photos of your Chapter members enjoying outdoor activities.

Got photos?  Send them.

PHOTOS NEEDED of your of your Spring/Summer outdoor exploits.  Get your cameras out and let us know what you have been doing in the great outdoors.  Send them to Chuck Juengling at  Please send photos as attachments to your msg.

GOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SELL OR BUY?  Send the info to Chuck at

Prepared by Chuck Juengling, Secretary, 502 267 5625  or  e-mail