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Chapter News - April 01, 2015

April 2015 Newsletter

Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2015

NEXT CHAPTER MEETING---Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at Cabela’s  7:00 P.M.

WORD OF THE MONTH---Novice—you know what it means.   Now I know what it feels like as I prepare this newsletter on a Mac computer for the first time.  Next month’s newsletter will be better.

WINTER MORTALITY for Bobwhite Quail was probably exceptionally high in KY this year.  Two major storms with extended periods of deep snow cover along with a thick crust of ice took its toll.

At Peabody WMA 42 birds wearing transmitters were being tracked during these storms.  At one point, approx. 40% of those birds died in a matter of 3 weeks—exposure, predation, lack of ability to locate food all played a role.  We know that quail have a phenomenal ability to recover from such losses.  We all hope for moderate weather during the peak of their nesting season in 2015.

WHAT WE ARE WILLING TO DO to enjoy time afield with our four-legged friends, birds, and fellow hunters is nothing short of amazing.  Here are some quotes from a member who went to SD in December right after Christmas.  “Weather was too severe”  “Arrived at -13 degrees.  Hunted next day at -10”.  “Deep snow and wind kept us out of the field most of the time.”  “Could not hunt more than 30 minutes as guns froze and pheasants ran off on top of the snow.”  “Snow drifts were so deep that we could not drive on back roads.”  “Drifting snow was just too much.  We saw birds gong into cattails, but could not get to them.”  “The dogs did well and spent the nights in the lodge with us.”  “In the end it was the snow that stopped us (dogs included).  The dogs handled the cold with plenty of breaks and warm trucks nearby.”  “We will go again next year.”  That just about says it all.


DOG LOST—Not enough room here to tell the entire story, but one of our members lost a valued companion to a freak incident.  While running his dog in a field one evening, he noticed the dog was a little lethargic and had vomited a couple times during a casual hour in the field.   After returning home, the dog continued to attempt to vomit several times over a five hour period.  As the dog was not getting any better and attempts to vomit were not producing anything, he was rushed to an ER in the middle of the night.  To make a long story short, the dog has ingested a foreign object that had lodged in its abdomen.  Multiple attempts to regurgitate it were unsuccessful.  Emergency surgery and other procedures were undertaken, but could not save Sky.  Blood flow to major organs had stopped due to the blockage in the gut..  The lesson to be learned:  Dogs are tough and their gut can handle most anything, but if your dog makes 5 or more attempts to vomit unsuccessfully over a period of several hours, there may be something very serious going on.  Get to the Vet ASAP.

DOG TRAINING ACTIVITY at Jacob Mark Kennels in Shelbyville is planned for April 25.  Cost is $50.00/ person with children under 16 attending at no charge when accompanied by an adult.

Call Chuck Juengling at 502 267 5625 if you wish to attend or wish to know more about this day-long dog training activity.  A flyer was sent previously.  Deadline for entry is April 21.  Open to general public, but you must have paid in advance through Chuck.

SEED DISTRIBUTION –We hope to have milo available to distribute at our next meeting.  Plans are being made, but shipment details are no 100% firm at this time.  Call Mac McCay at 241 1728 if you need info prior to the meeting.

PARK LANDS Of FLOYD’S FORK TOUR is being planned for the exclusive benefit of the Long Run Sportsmans’ Club and the Commonwealth Chapter of Quail Forever.  The tour of the new yet-to-be-opened area (1000 acres of rugged terrain) known as Turkey Run will be held on Sunday April 26.  Please call Ron Gagliardi at 551 1553 as you must have a reservation to participate.  This is a Quail Forever/LRSC exclusive offering.  The Tour will be led by Scott Martin, Director, of the Park Lands of Floyd’s Fork.  You will not want to miss this opportunity.

I will attempt to attach two flyers to the message when I send out this newsletter via e-mail.  1)  “Day with Jake” dog training event and 2)  Park Lands Tour info.  This Mac is new to me and I may not be successful.  I promise to do better next month with photos, etc.

Chuck Juengling, Secretary
Commonwealth Chapter Quail Forever
267 5625